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Radius Selects Amadeus for Global Technology Platform

and Amadeus
have formed a global partnership through which Amadeus will provide a common technology platform which will enable RADIUS to consistently network, standardise processes, and share and develop business opportunities amongst its members.“The travel industry is changing. Over the past few years we have seen consolidation amongst traditional travel management companies and increased competition from online travel agencies. In addition to this, companies are becoming more sophisticated with their travel buying. Smart travel buyers are looking for travel suppliers that, as a minimum, are able to provide consistent data, the latest technology, travel policy management tools, strong buying power, as well as the best services across countries,” said Tony Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer of RADIUS.

“These needs drove our decision to move towards a global common platform that unifies processes and customer service across our network. Our agreement with Amadeus is an essential element to achieve that. We chose Amadeus because, like us, they are a leader. They excel by permanent innovation, a true global reach, and the ability to look to the future. With Amadeus we are setting the pace to fully realise our potential in a changing travel market that demands closer integration of technology in our network of agencies.”

This new platform will give RADIUS - whose shareholders are leading business travel agencies in key markets - the flexibility to work as a global travel agency for global opportunities but to provide a local focus for local requirements. RADIUS shareholder travel agencies will benefitÊ from a fully integrated end-to-end solution enabling them to offer their corporate customers a wealth of local services together with the cost-efficiencies of a global platform with unique content.

The common global platform together with the Amadeus e-Travel corporate online solutions suite will enable RADIUS to bring its global travel agency network closer, with a view to growing corporate business.

The Amadeus world leading point-of-sale platform, based on an open Vista solution, will fully integrate RADIUS’ own applications such as The Radius Wheel, Hotel Program and mid-office processes powered by TRX. Combined with a superior local service delivery, the global common IT platform will create substantial new business opportunities for both RADIUS and Amadeus.


“A global common technology platform was the one ingredient RADIUS was missing to really compete in the multinational corporate travel arena. Amadeus is the only travel technology provider that is able to support RADIUS consistently with one system around the world. RADIUS’ corporate clients will benefit from cost-efficiencies through economies of scale paired with truly global coverage,” commented Gillian Gibson, VP Multinational Customer Group (MCG) at Amadeus.