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SWISS Investors Extend Share Lock-up

The major shareholders in Swiss International Air Lines have extended the present lock-up agreement under which they undertake not to dispose of the SWISS shares they acquired in the company’s capital increase to August 31, 2005. The extension will ensure that SWISS remains firmly anchored by both its public and its private-sector shareholders, and can continue its development with a stable shareholder base. ÊÊÊMajor shareholders accounting for 86 per cent of SWISS’s total share capital agreed in the last few days to extend their present share lock-up agreement to August 31, 2005. The new date has been chosen as one by which the company’s results for both 2004 and the first half of 2005 will be known. These results can then be used to conduct an objective assessment of the company’s earnings power and future business prospects. ÊÊ