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Bermuda announce 2nd Annual Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival

Whether starring in hit reality TV shows or best-selling cookbooks, chefs are certainly a hot commodity these days. From 10 - 16 November food fans will be able to sample Bermuda’s blend of international cuisine and local delicacies for themselves as Bermuda celebrates their 2nd Annual Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival.With ten celebrity chefs, including London’s own Ashbell McElveen of the newly opened Ashbell’s restaurant in Notting Hill, already committed to showcasing their culinary talents, the star-studded “menu” for the four days will offer visitors the choice of intimate seminars, cooking demonstrations of signature dishes, themed excursions to local farms and fresh food markets, tastings as well as dinners.

In addition to this, wine experts Joshua Wesson of US-based Best Cellars and award-winning journalist Anthony Giglio will be on hand to ensure visitors return home true oenophiles.

However, with over 150 restaurants catering for all tastes, from elegant international cuisine and seafood specialities to quaint Bermudian cafes and casual pub fare, and with fish often playing a starring role, there’s every reason to continue your gastronomic adventure once the Festival is over, the question being as much what to eat as where.

Be sure to make the most of Bermuda’s tantalizing cuisine, with Bermuda’s famous fish chowder - made with a variety of white fish and a generous helping of sherry peppers, the local spicy sauce, and Bermuda Black Rum - and the succulent spiny Bermuda lobster Guinea Chick, the first cousin of the Maine lobster (only in season from September to March), particularly recommended.

When not enjoying local delicacies, holidaymakers will have ample opportunity to explore the island paradise and burn off those extra calories.  Whether you choose to play on one of the eight golf courses, explore the underwater world of shipwrecks and tropical fish, see where a nature walk through one of the 12 reserves leads you, relax on the famed pink sand beaches or treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment, Bermuda is the perfect place to unwind, far the urban jungle of home.