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Orbitz Help Travel Suppliers Reduce Costs

“As suppliers take steps to
reduce their costs of selling travel, Orbitz is continuing to make
available the benefits of its low-cost distribution model to businesses
and travel agents, as well as suppliers,” Orbitz Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Hjelm said today.
Orbitz’ Supplier Link Technology, launched two years ago, was designed in
response to suppliers’ growing desire for lower distribution costs. Orbitz
charges a $4 flat fee per ticket processed through Supplier Link. In
comparison, airlines typically pay about $12.50 to $14 for each ticket
processed through other booking systems.

Orbitz has become a leader in providing low-cost direct connections to
airlines and one of the leaders in seamless electronic connections for
hotels. Currently, six U.S. airlines use Orbitz’ Supplier Link, and
additional carriers are in the implementation phase. More than 5,500 hotel
properties use OrbitzConnect, a seamless hotel booking channel.

“Orbitz’ technology solutions, such as Supplier Link, are the key to
sustaining low distribution costs in the future. And our low distribution
costs are the key to offering customers more choices and the widest
possible selection of low fares and rates,” Hjelm said.

“Travel agents can keep their costs low by taking advantage of ‘Orbitz
economics’ and joining our Premier Affiliate Program,” Hjelm said.
“Likewise, businesses can reap the benefits by booking their travel
through Orbitz for Business, a full-service travel management program
offering a highly attractive $5 per ticket fee.”

Orbitz’ proven technology currently processes more direct connection air
transactions than any other online travel agency. Supplier Link
transactions represented 40 percent of Orbitz’ air transactions in the
first half of 2004.


Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West Airlines, Continental
Airlines, Northwest Airlines and US Airways have all implemented Orbitz’
Supplier Link.