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Could You Be the Next Donald Trump?

Parker Brothers and Donald
Trump are challenging consumers to determine whether they have the brains
and the brawn to be the next Donald Trump with the launch of TRUMP the
Game, the new high-stakes board game, where if you play your cards right,
you can make hundreds of millions of dollars, just like The Donald. To
celebrate the launch of the new game, available from Hasbro Games, Parker
Brothers and The Donald are giving you the chance to win a luxurious stay
at Trump’s Taj Mahal Resort.
Today, game playing enthusiasts, Donald Trump fans, and curious New
Yorkers will descend upon Trump Tower, located at 725 Fifth Avenue in New
York City. Five chosen contestants will step into a golden “Trump” money
machine and compete for a chance to live the fantasy and see what it’s
like to experience Donald Trump’s lavish lifestyle.

“TRUMP the Game captures the drama of high stakes real estate investment
and allows players to feel the power and make the deals, just like The
Donald,” says Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hasbro
Games. “Today’s event brings the game to life by giving contestants the
chance to earn Trump Money in a fast paced environment, but with the bonus
of competing to win a stay at a luxurious Trump Resort.”

Mr. Trump, surrounded by 10 beautiful Trump Management models in Marc
Bouwer designs, will introduce the game and randomly select five
participants to enter the golden money machine and grab as much “Trump”
money as they can in 15 seconds. The contestant who earns the most Trump
cash wins an all- expense paid stay at Trump’s famous Taj Mahal Resort,
complete with private roundtrip limousine transportation.

TRUMP The Game

Not surprisingly, the object of TRUMP The Game is to make the most money.
But not just millions of dollars—billions of dollars—are up for
grabs. Players circle the board, bidding and buying big-ticket items, like
an Island Resort or Office Building, and acquiring TRUMP cards that are
used to strike deals. Think your opponent will pay millions for one of
your cards? Try and make a deal. Want your opponent out of a bidding war?
Simply lay down your Trump card that has the magic words “You’re Fired”
and he is out of the negotiations. Each Trump card also features a tip
from the legendary deal-maker. When all of the TRUMP cards are played, the
player with the most money wins.