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Good Night’s Sleep at Amman Marriott

The Amman Marriott Hotel has just announced the long awaited fitting of the new bedding in all the hotel guest rooms by August 2004. The hotel will be offering the latest in duvets made with a 90% snow white duckdown feather filling. The duvets have also been treated with MESENTEX against all allergies. In addition to the extra upgraded feather pillows, new foam mattresses with quilted top and inner coil spring will be introduced for the ultimate luxury and comfort.

“In the hospitality industry, the trends in bedding are evolving rapidly. To address these trends, a bedding program has been developed by Marriott to deal specifically with the needs and comforts of our guests and to meet with their expectations. The hotel is particularly excited with this new addition as we are always looking for ways to make all our guests more comfortable,” said Vatche Yergatian, Hotel Manager for the Amman Marriott Hotel in Jordan. 

Marriott International is represented by two other hotels in Jordan - the newest Marriott property in Jordan, the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa and the Petra Marriott Hotel.