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Teamsters Win at America West

The National Mediation Board
announced today that a majority of the 3,200 Customer Service
Representatives (CSRs) at America West Airlines have voted to join the
Teamsters. A telephone vote was conducted over the past three weeks.
“Finally!” said Sheelayah Hatcher, a CSR at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport,
“It’s been a long, hard road but now we have our union and the chance to
make the changes we need. I’m so proud and excited that we’ve stuck
together—through the good and the bad—to make this happen.”

The 3,200 CSRs work in 50 airports and 2 reservations call centers around
the country for the Phoenix-based airline. This is one of the largest
victories for workers in the private sector this year.

“This vote is a milestone in the airline industry. The customer service
representatives at America West were the only group of employees at the
airline that were not represented by a union. We welcome them into the
Teamster family and look forward to bargaining with the company on behalf
of these dedicated employees,” said James P. Hoffa, Teamsters General

“These workers built their union from the ground up,” said Jeff Farmer,
Director of Organizing for the Teamsters. “They formed committees at all
of the stations and have built a solid organization. Now the 1,200 CSRs in
Phoenix have the strength to negotiate a strong contract. We call on
America West to abide by this clear and democratic decision and not engage
in frivolous appeals or delays that seek to undermine the victory these
workers have achieved.”

The Teamsters Airline Division represents 35,000 members in the airline
industry including customer service representatives at Air Canada, Air
India, Air Portugal, Aloha Island Air, Continental Micronesia, Guam,
Continental, Micronesia, Saipan, LACSA, Pakistan Airlines, Triangle
Aviation, U.S. Airways Express (Allegheny), U.S. Airways Express
(Chautauqua), and U.S. Airways Express (PSA).