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Enjoy Added Convenience at Sky Harbor

International passengers who fly into
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are discovering a secret that
seasoned travelers have known for years. Clearing U.S. Customs at Sky
Harbor is a hassle-free experience that saves passengers time.
How is the sixth busiest airport in the country for passenger traffic able
to process international passengers so quickly? The key to the U.S.
Customs’ quick and efficient processing times are the international flight
schedules. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport handles between 20 -
25 international flights per day. The arrival times of these flights are
scheduled far enough apart that all passengers are able to be screened
through Customs before another international flight arrives. Ian Sang,
Port Director for Customs and Border Protection at Sky Harbor, says it is
not uncommon for CBP officers at Sky Harbor to see passengers fly into
Phoenix to clear customs, then catch a connecting flight to their final
destination. They do this to avoid long lines and wait times at more
congested airports. In fact, Sang believes that “a person could easily
clear customs at Sky Harbor and fly to another city in less time than it
would take to clear customs at some other airports.”

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the fastest growing
airports in the country, and its international passenger traffic is on the
rise. International traffic deplaned at Sky Harbor increased over 14% in
2003 from 2002. Furthermore, the first four months of 2004 indicate that
deplaned international traffic rose 11% compared to the first four months
of 2003. British Airways and Aeromexico, the two largest international
airlines serving Sky Harbor, also continue to see an increase in
international passengers arriving into the airport. In May of 2004,
British Airways’ deplaned traffic into Sky Harbor rose nearly 30% compared
to May of 2003, and in May of 2004, Aeromexico’s deplaned traffic into Sky
Harbor rose 20% compared to May of 2003.

However, in spite of the rising number of international travelers, the
smooth flow of passengers continues at Sky Harbor’s International
Concourse. Experienced international travelers know, for a quick and
stress-free U.S. Customs experience, Phoenix Sky Harbor International
Airport is the way to travel.