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Chesapeake Resort Announces On-Site Dive

The Chesapeake Resort in Islamorada is happy to announce on-site diving
through Rainbow Reef, one of the world’s top rated dive centers. Guests can
enjoy the an unforgettable underwater experience with a variety of Brain and
Christmas Tree corals (some over 15 ft. tall) and more than 550 species of
marine life.The popular Florida dive program will maintain two vessels at the Florida
Key resort’s Boat Harbor - one 6-person boat for smaller groups and a larger
12-person boat. Chesapeake, located in the sport fishing capital of the
world, is offering a special Dive and Stay package for visitors to take
advantage of this new adventure opportunity. Details on dive packages and
marine life in the Florida Keys can be found below.

Guests booking a Dive and Stay package can choose from four amazing dive
locations. Each trip includes two locations offering your readers a complete
underwater experience.

Hen and Chickens Reef offers some of the most beautiful large coral in the
region. The Christmas Tree and Brain coral dominate the underwater landscape
and can grow to over 15 ft. tall in this Sanctuary Preservation Area.  Diver
level is Advanced Open Water.

At the more shallow Cheeca Rocks, divers can also catch a glimpse of the
large Brain coral while enjoying a wide variety of fish and marine life.
Diver level is Open Water.

Alligator Reef is known in the marine science community as having one of the
highest numbers of species of fish in the world. Over 550 species have been
catalogued here! It is also one of the largest reefs in the Florida Keys
extending 1/2 mile. At certain times of the year a minnow cave attracts
large numbers of grouper who come here to swim and feed. This site is
perfect for divers and snorkelers. Diver level is Open Water.


Finally, Alligator Deep is the spur and groove section of Alligator Reef.
The water is deeper and the fish are bigger.  Diver level is Open Water.

For more information on Chesapeake Resort in the Florida Keys, visit or call 800-338-3395.  You can check out
additional dive packages at