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Going to Europe? Pack Your Wireless Phone!

A new promotion is letting summer travelers to Europe enjoy all-time low prices when they stay in touch using AT&T Wireless.
Customers enrolled in AT&T Wireless’ Discounted International Roaming plan
can now talk on their wireless phones for just $.89 per minute while in
the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and
Switzerland - an additional $.10 per-minute reduction off the plan’s
already discounted pricing and a $.40 per-minute savings for customers not
already enrolled in the plan. The $.89 per-minute rate also applies to
calls made or received in Greece - also a substantial $.40 per-minute
reduction off the usual rate.

“AT&T Wireless makes it easy and affordable for travelers to stay in
touch, whether they’re visiting Big Ben, the summer Olympics, or points
in- between,” said Dave Albright, vice president for international
marketing at AT&T Wireless. “The hassles of hotel phones, payphones, and
calling cards are a thing of the past.”

“We’re offering travelers to Europe a great price on phone calls, the
simplicity of using their own wireless phone for those calls, and the
convenience of staying reachable at their own phone number,” Albright

AT&T Wireless will waive one month’s service charge for customers who
enroll in Discounted International Roaming before September 30, 2004, when
this promotion expires. The monthly service charge for Discounted
International Roaming is $5.99 and entitles customers to sharply reduced
per- minute rates for calls placed and received while visiting more than
20 of the most-traveled European countries. Customers enrolled in the plan
also receive discounted rates for calls made from AT&T Wireless’ owned
network in the U.S. to other countries.