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No Credible Threat to Vegas Hotels

In response to US media reports about terrorist threats to Vegas hotels the following statement has been
released by Jim Gibson, mayor of the city of Henderson, Nev., and chairman
of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors and Rossi Ralenkotter, chief
executive officer and president of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors
Authority. “This morning the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority confirmed
with the Metropolitan Police Department, the FBI, and Nevada Homeland
Security that there are not now, nor have there ever been, any reports of
specific or credible terrorist threats against Las Vegas and its hotel

“We want the world to know that if we ever do have information of a
specific and credible threat, we will share it—even if it meant
visitors decided to stay home as a result.

“The national news media must report responsibly and aggressively that law
enforcement has no knowledge of any specific or credible threats against
this destination. We are extremely concerned that the news media continues
to report on alleged threats to Las Vegas, even while we are
simultaneously assured by law enforcement officials that no such threats

“This is at least the fourth time since 9/11 that the destination has been
the focus of a media frenzy based more on rumor than fact. The media must
demonstrate more restraint in covering homeland security issues. These
reports serve only to engender fear among our visitors and the thousands
of people who work and live here.

“We have every confidence in the federal, state and local law enforcement
agencies charged with keeping us safe and well-informed. If there were a
specific or credible threat, we would expect to be notified. Any time
there has been any hint of concern, or even a news story, we have taken
the step of contacting law enforcement.”