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Delta AirElite Adds Gulfstream G550

Delta AirElite Business Jets
has added a Gulfstream G550 to its operating certificate. The aircraft,
which is based in College Station, Texas, joins the Delta AirElite fleet
through a charter management agreement.
“Delta AirElite is proud to be one of the first charter operators to offer
the G550 for commercial charter services,” said Michael B. Green,
president and chief executive officer of Delta AirElite Business Jets.
“The G550 will allow us to access more than 10,000 airports worldwide,
giving our customers more nonstop capability than ever before.”

With access to more than 400 business jets positioned throughout the
United States, Delta AirElite has undertaken a strong initiative to
strategically increase its fleet size through charter management

Charter management agreements allow Delta AirElite to increase aircraft
availability without large capital commitments and to offer on-demand
charter service on a broad base of high-quality, well-maintained corporate
jets. The agreements also enable Delta AirElite to offer an attractive
option for corporations and aircraft owners who want to lower aircraft
ownership costs by having their corporate jets certified for Delta
AirElite’s commercial charter operations. The additional aircraft are also
used to support member travel for Delta AirElite’s innovative Fleet
Membership program.

The ultra long-range Gulfstream G550 is the latest and most technically
advanced model Gulfstream in production. Offering intercontinental
capability with a nonstop range of 6,700 miles and a maximum cruise speed
of 560 mph, the G550 is capable of flying nonstop itineraries such as New
York to Tokyo and Los Angeles to Sydney. With spacious seating for 14
passengers, the G550 is designed to maximize passenger comfort and provide
a productive work environment while offering luxurious amenities. All
Delta AirElite large cabin business jets are staffed with a cabin
attendant to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

“This aircraft rounds-out our portfolio of business jets that we operate,
allowing us to offer every class of high-quality business jets to our
customers,” said Green.