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Orbitz Unveils New Flight Search Feature

has introduced a new feature to enable customers to select flights in any order,
even starting with the return flight and then selecting the departure
flight. “Travelers told us that they needed more flexibility to customize their
itinerary around any leg of the trip,” said John Samuel, executive vice
president of Consumer Travel at Orbitz. “Orbitz has always offered the
most flight and fare options, with an average of 250 flights per search,
and now we’re providing travelers with the features they need to build a
trip however they prefer and around whichever flight matters most.”

Orbitz’s new flight search feature is especially useful for travelers who
have time-sensitive schedules, book multiple-city itineraries and have
specific budget parameters. After conducting a flight search, users can
pick from pre-bundled flight options or build itineraries starting with
any flight segment to best suit their needs. When choosing flight options
separately, users still see roundtrip fares to make it simple and fast to
plan a trip around price.

Travelers also can use Orbitz’s powerful search tools to help customize
their itineraries with the following options: ‘find more flights’, search
by time, sort by lowest price, departure time or shortest flights, search
nearby airports or seek alternative dates.

Orbitz’s flight search feature is available to and Orbitz for
Business customers.