Breaking Travel News Launches for Motorists has been launched, a website that offers a fun, yet safe way for motorists to communicate with one another.Mike Chambers (Founder) says there have been many stories in the media lately about couples flirting whilst travelling on the road, this just offers a safer way to do it. is not just a flirting portal; they are soon to launch the ability for members to sell their vehicles online for just £5 until sold, unlike other websites that charge around £15 for just two weeks, if you have not sold your vehicle in those two weeks, then tough, you have to resubmit.

You will soon be able to chat on “Chat Roads” and buy over 8000 automobile related products and services online. 

Today it is free to register on 

So how does it work?


You are travelling on the road to work, you see a girl or guy you see regularly and you flutter eyelids at one another, take his or her registration number and send a message to it on, its that simple.

Mike says, the ROADMATES.COM concept was affirmed when he seen results of a survey undertaken by GB DAEWOO recently, that is what hurried this to market really.

The ROADMATES.COM team are working on the next phase of functionality, which will allow members to text (SMS) other road users by using the Vehicle registration numbers.

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