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Geac Launches Expense Management Express

Geac has unveiled Geac Expense Management Express, a streamlined travel and expense management solution.Ê The software allows for cohesive control and analysis of all employee-initiated corporate spending, potentially generating significant time and cost savings for organisations with as few as 400 expense claimants.Ê Geac Expense Management Express reduces the time spent generating and auditing reports, as well as the number of administration hours required for expense management.Ê Cost savings are achieved through greater compliance with corporate travel policies, tighter vendor compliance and more effective and compliant VAT reclaims through better management of the complex rules related to time and expense management across Europe.Ê

Over the past five years, Geac’s expense management reporting solutions have been deployed to hundreds of companies throughout the world.Ê Many of these are large, complex organisations that have used the full functionality provided by Geac Expense Management.Ê Expense Management Express has been developed specifically for organisations that do not initially require all the functionality contained in Geac’s fully featured enterprise expense management reporting solution.Ê

Mike Andrews, General Manager for UK direct operations for Geac Performance Management, comments:

“Many companies do not realise just how much time and money can be saved through the correct management and control of employee-initiated corporate spending.Ê In the past, expense management systems have often only been used by large enterprises. Geac has now leveraged the expertise and experience gained from those engagements to develop Expense Management Express specifically to cater to the needs of businesses with as few as 400 expense claimants.Ê The solution can be implemented in just four weeks, enabling many more companies to benefit from major time and cost savings.”