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RADIUS Unveils The RADIUS Wheel for Corporates

RADIUS has unveiled a unique proprietary
technology tool, The RADIUS Wheel, at the National Business Travel
Association convention in Orlando, Florida. The revolutionary system will offer RADIUS clients opportunities for otherwise inaccessible savings at time of booking. This is in keeping with RADIUS’ long tradition of
introducing innovative solutions in response to marketplace demands.

When a RADIUS agent makes a reservation, The RADIUS Wheel checks the
database for available proprietary inventory that can be offered at a
lower rate than the originally booked services. These counter-offers will
be displayed within seconds to the booking agent who can then propose them
at point-of-sale to the client. The alternatives can be special prices and
promotions negotiated by RADIUS, the individual travel management company
or the client themselves. The system operates on all GDSs, and not only
offers unique share-shift opportunities but also can help to ensure that
no booking is ever made at a higher rate than the lowest available or
negotiated rate.

Tony Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer of RADIUS, said at the
launch: “The travel management company of the future needs to be smarter,
assisting its corporate customers in managing its travel spend better. The
RADIUS Wheel takes managing our corporate clients’ travel needs to a
completely new level. We are constantly seeking ways of giving our members
a true advantage ahead of the competition. By RADIUS having developed the
Wheel, our shareholders will be able to show a real value differential to
their corporate clients.”

Bill Tech, Chairman of RADIUS and President of Omaha, Nebraska-based
Travel and Transport, Inc., a RADIUS company and one of the largest travel
management companies in the U.S., added: “Having seen all the technology
tools available in the marketplace, I am confident that The RADIUS Wheel
will truly revolutionize the way we do business. Not only is it unique in
offering point-of-sale available alternatives at the right time and price,
but it will not cost our clients anything to utilize, they will only
realize the savings!”

The RADIUS Wheel provides management information on achieved savings based
on a comprehensive list of parameters. It will also detail any offers
declined by the client and the reason for the rejection. The flexibility
of the system will enable RADIUS travel management companies and their
corporate clients the ability to define the offers they wish to see and
which they do not. The RADIUS Wheel has just completed its Beta test phase
and is starting its worldwide rollout today.


Bob Smyth, Account Manager with Bloomington, Indiana-based RADIUS company
Gant Travel, one of the agencies that Beta tested the system, said: “The
easy installation, the speed at which it operates, and the ability of our
agents to offer alternatives nobody else can find, has given us a tool
which will change the way we do business. We know our clients will love
what The RADIUS Wheel can do for them.”

Tony Hughes concluded: “Hotels and airlines recognize the opportunities
presented by The RADIUS Wheel. They, like our agents and clients, realize
this is the most advanced tool in the marketplace today and are excited at
the prospect of working with RADIUS and our innovative technology.”