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Pegasus Solutions Announces Agreement with TMA

Pegasus Solutions, Inc.
has announced an extensive agreement with the Travel Management Alliance (TMA), a collection of nine independently owned travel agencies along the Eastern coast of the United States.Ê TMA named Utell by Pegasusä member hotels preferred suppliers of hotel inventory, giving TMA agencies and their corporate clients access to discounted rates at thousands of premier independent hotels in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

“The global coverage offered by Utell by Pegasus member hotels is critical for our agencies,” said Chris Dane, executive director of TMA.Ê “With international corporate travel picking up, it is critical for our agencies to have access to high-quality hotels in foreign cities.Ê Utell by Pegasus meets this need on all fronts, complemented by a number of superior independent properties in key U.S. cities like Miami, New York, and Washington, DC.”Ê The Utell by Pegasus portfolio includes more than 4,000 hotels.

The Utell by Pegasus representation service includes the Selections program, which makes it easier for travel agents to direct clients to appropriate hotels.Ê Selections segments hotels into well-defined categories that both novice and veteran agents can quickly use to find the perfect Utell member property.Ê Hotels are identified by one of three core categories (luxury, style and value), or by one of four niche categories (style, resort, apartment or airport).Ê “With agents able to quickly navigate the spectrum of the Utell portfolio, each TMA agency benefits from the efficiencies driven by the Selections program,” said Dane.

“The TMA contract accurately portrays Pegasus’ commitment to building and enhancing relationships with travel agencies across our multiple service lines,” said Bob Boles, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Pegasus Solutions.Ê “With nearly 200 preferred supplier agreements signed by agencies around the world, Pegasus is contributing to the business travel rebound by delivering thousands of Utell member hotel rooms at preferred rates.Ê What’s more, Pegasus Commission Processing agency members are reaping the rewards of increased hotel bookings by collecting their commissions via the industry’s most proven consolidation service.”