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Haiti pledged US$1 Billion to assist recovery

Counterpart International has lauded the pledge of over a billion dollars to the reconstruction of Haiti as a welcome sign of the international community’s recognition of the seriousness of the problems in the Caribbean country.Countries and organizations attending an international donors conference at
the World Bank in Washington pledged US$1.085 billion on Tuesday -  $161
million more than the target - for the country’s recovery over the next two

“Such a display of commitment provides a rare opportunity for this country
and its people who have gone through such terrible natural and man-made
disasters,” asserted Counterpart chief executive Lelei LeLaulu. “In addition
to the money this commitment from the international community provides a
hugely intangible value - it provides hope.”

Representatives of the Interim Haitian government, 30 countries and 32
international institutions met at the World Bank July 19-20, 2004, to
discuss and pledge money to the government’s Interim Cooperation Framework
(ICF) - a development plan for 2004 to 2006. The ICF had identified $924
million as the shortfall in urgently needed funding.

Secretary of State Collin L. Powell announced a $230 million pledge the
United States will provide during fiscal years 2004 and 2005 to Haiti. The
funds will assist the people of Haiti with job creation and economic growth;
budget support and technical assistance to the Ministries of Government;
security improvements and judicial reform; health, nutrition, and education
activities and elections. These funds are in addition to the current U.S.
contribution to international peacekeeping efforts.

“If the interventions planned today are going to be successful, the Interim
Government of Haiti must take the lead in coordinating donor activities with
the needs of its citizens and include the private sector and civil society
in the decision making process,” said U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Frederick W. Schieck.


Interim Haitian Prime Minister GĂ©rard Latortue said: “I heartily thank the
friends of Haiti and I repeat the Government’s commitment to work in close
collaboration with all sectors of Haitian society to make sure that these
funds are used efficiently and transparently.”

Recognizing the significance of this conference, held in the bicentennial
year of Haiti’s independence, Caroline Anstey, the World Bank’s Caribbean
Country Director, told reporters: “The success of today is just the

Ranked 153rd on UNDP’s Human Development Index, Haiti still faces enormous
challenges as the poorest country in the western hemisphere.