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Cintra and LAN Sign Commercial Alliance

In order to develop the market
between Mexico and South America, a commercial agreement was signed today
in this city between Cintra, the controlling company for Aeromexico and
Mexicana and the LAN Alliance, which is comprised of LAN Chile, LAN Peru
and LAN Ecuador. This new alliance will develop the airline relationship between Mexico and
its sister countries in the southern hemisphere and enhances the options
for Mexicana’s and Aeromexico’s passengers to fly to numerous destinations
in South America through Lima, Peru and Santiago, Chile. Therefore, LAN
Alliance’s clients will enjoy seamless travel to Mexico, a multitude of
options in schedules and frequencies, and easier connections towards other
points within the Mexican Republic, North America, and the rest of the

The signing of the agreement was officiated by Rogelio Gasca Neri,
President of the Administration Council for Cintra and Enrique Cueto,
Executive President for the LAN Group. Emilio Romano, the Chief Executive
Officer for Mexicana, Fernando Flores the Chief Executive Officer for
Aeromexico and Jorge Awad, LAN President of the Board of Directors and
Ignacio Cueto, LAN Passenger General Manager.

Aeromexico and Mexicana cover an extensive network of national and
international routes with a modern fleet. Their code share agreements and
international alliances will produce multiple effects for LAN and Cintra
benefiting the thousands of passengers that rely on the best flight
alternatives to the most important destinations in the world.

Among the advantages this strategic alliance brings to LAN Chile’s and
Mexicana’s passengers is seamless travel with a one time check-in from the
beginning of their trip to their final destination, a free sale ticketing
agreement, and use of their Executive Lounges. Another advantage is the
accrual and redemption of miles between both loyalty programs, LAN Pass of
LAN and Frecuenta of Mexicana.

Aeromexico already has an agreement in place with LAN Chile in the Mexico-
Chile market, and in the future is planning to integrate to its network
the diverse destinations offered by the airlines that form part of LAN


Rogelio Gasca Neri, commented during the signing of the agreement that,
“Through this agreement, the two largest airline groups in Latin America
unite to benefit its passengers. Business, leisure, and family travelers,
will have great advantages and convenience at the moment of making their
reservations and throughout their trip.”

Enrique Cueto of the LAN Group affirmed that: “Thanks to this agreement
our passengers will have accessibility to an excellent network that will
make their journey seamless and at the same time incite the commercial
agreements that already exist between our countries, and in addition
foment the tourism and the bilateral cooperation.”

Cintra is the controlling company for the two main airlines in Mexico,
Aeromexico and Mexicana, and part of the airline transportation system for
passengers and cargo that combines competitive and geographic advantages
of air transportation for Mexico. Its companies have presence in North
America, South America, and Europe. Besides the two leading airlines in
Mexico, Cintra is also made up of these regional airlines, Aerolitoral and
Aerocaribe. It is also comprised by the Centro de Capacitacion Alas de
America (Training Center), SEAT (the company that offers ground services),
SABRE (dedicated to reservations), Aeromexpress (a cargo company), as well
as the Industria de Turborreactores ITR (engine repair/maintenance).

The LAN Alliance consists of LAN Chile, LAN Express, LAN Peru, LAN
Ecuador, LAN Dominica and associated companies cargo. LAN is one of the
main airline groups for passengers and cargo in Latin America, whose main
objective is to give excellent services with the highest levels in
security standards. The companies that form part of the LAN alliances—
together with the code share agreements operate 15 destinations to Chile,
7 in Peru, 2 in Ecuador, 18 in Latin America, 25 in North America, 10 in
Europe, and 4 in the South Pacific. Currently, LAN possesses a fleet
integrated of 49 passenger airplanes and 7 cargo planes. LAN members, LAN
Chile, LAN Express and LAN Peru are members of oneworld(TM), the major
global alliance for airlines at an international level, holding commercial
bilateral agreements with oneworld members such as American Airlines,
British Airways, Iberia, and Qantas as well as Alaska Airlines,
Aeromexico, TAM and Lufthansa Cargo. For more information visit or