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Siemens Announces Partnership with Connexion by Boeing

Siemens AG has signed a breakthrough agreement with Connexion by Boeing to become its first global customer for real-time high-speed
in-flight Internet services giving 200,000 traveling Siemens employees the
choice to remain “connected” in the air.“Siemens is a global company with more than half of its 417,000 employees
traveling throughout the world each year. We are always looking for ways
to enhance their experience on the road and the Connexion by Boeing
service is going to be a great benefit that makes their travel time more
productive and more enjoyable,” said Lutz Stammnitz, head of Corporate
Mobility Services for Siemens AG.

“As we continue to make the Connexion by Boeing service available on more
airlines and routes, Siemens employees will be able to stay connected to
what’s important to them and to what’s needed do their job while
traversing North America, the Atlantic Ocean, Europe and across Asia all
the way to the Far East,” said Boeing’s David Friedman, vice president of
Marketing and Direct Sales. “We are delighted that Siemens is joining the
ranks of our existing corporate customers and we look forward to enabling
them to use their travel time more effectively. Siemens is joining our
service at a time when corporations can still benefit from securing
special promotions for their employees.”

By using the Connexion by Boeing service on board the already-equipped
Lufthansa aircraft, Siemens employees are now able to connect real-time to
their corporate virtual private network, send and receive emails with
attachments, surf the entire Internet and entertain themselves while in
the air. As other Connexion by Boeing airline customers roll the service
out on their long-haul fleets, more routes and flights will be available
to Siemens’ employees worldwide.