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Swisswifi Selects SAB Server for Swiss HotZone Network

today announced its selection of Wificom Technologies SAB Server as the backend, billing and roaming platform for its rapidly expanding network.
Swisswifi chooses SAB Server for booming Swiss HotZone networkSwisswifi launched its service three months ago as Switzerland?s first provider of outdoor HotZones using Wifi last-mile technology. Following an aggressive expansion, Swisswifi operates the largest WLAN installation in the Swiss hospitality industry as well as the only HotZone network. The company is focusing its efforts on increasing HotZone coverage throughout the county of Geneva and other metropolitan areas.
Swisswifi’s offering of advanced services, including personalised subscriptions for residents in HotZones, is a key success factor in Swisswifi?s expansion.
“Operating in Switzerland and serving a very skilled group of users require a strong sense of professionalism and put great demand on the quality of service,” said Daniel John Ducret of Swisswifi. “An in-depth knowledge of the Swiss local market combined with many years of Internet provisioning and customer-facing experience means that our team can provide a top-quality service to subscribers.”
“Our main customers are and continue to be local residents, making it even more important to provide a superior, reliable service,” Ducret added. “For us, VoIP over WLAN makes perfect sense. Our HotZones provide wide-area coverage, which our clientele finds a great value. With SAB Server from Wificom we can promise pure excellence to our customers, because we know we can deliver.