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NVS Himalayan Green Tea - Helping You to Look Great

Demand for NVS Himalayan Green Tea is increasing for a broad mix of reasons, especially for its health and beauty benefits. Backed by increasing clinical evidence to suggest it aids weight loss, recent use of green tea as a beauty aid are further adding to the appeal of this versatile substance.Green tea is not only good for you on the inside but also on the outside. The natural astringency of green tea makes it both soothing and healing, whilst the steeped leaves have just enough gentle exfoliation properties to give your skin a healthy glow.

Beauty Benefits
And now the beauty industry appears to have caught on to green tea’s exciting properties. Traditionally many kinds of makeup, lotions, creams and other beauty preparations have contained oil, so antioxidants are added to preserve their freshness. This is because oxidation of cosmetics can make them not only ineffective and smelly, but can cause the formation of potentially dangerous substances.

In the past the choice tended to be between chemical preservatives, or the natural preservatives like the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E that manufacturers of “natural” cosmetics favoured.

Recently however green tea extract has been proven to be an even stronger antioxidant than these powerful vitamins in some cases, and is, of course, totally natural. This has led to a surge in products capitalising on green tea’s beneficial properties.

However many people feel that the most natural skincare products can be made at home, using fresh ingredients. The following all purpose recipe for concentrated green tea extract is quick and easy to make and is both a flexible addition to your daily beauty routine and equally useful in your medicine cupboard.


Soothing Spritzer

Simply brew 100gms of green tea in half a litre of room temperature still mineral water for at least one hour. The resultant liquid can then be poured into sterilised bottles and refrigerated. It is better to make small quantities and use at its freshest.

This soothing liquid can be used as a spritzer to freshen up the face or soaked into cotton buds and applied to tired or strained eyes. It is antiseptic with a healing effect and can therefore be applied to minor cuts and rashes. Soaked in cloth the solution can be applied to sunburn, until the area begins to cool. Or it can be applied directly to spots and blemishes. It can even be used as a mouthwash to prevent bad breath.

Given green tea’s ability to prevent mouth odours and even dental caries by fighting bacteria in the mouth, and preventing these plaque-causing microbes from attaching to dental surfaces, it is an ideal candidate for inclusion in a natural tooth cleanser.

Green Tea Toothpaste

Try making an extract by pouring one cup of boiling water on 100gms of Himalayan Green Tea leaves, and allowing it to infuse for 30 minutes or more. This should then be mixed with one teaspoon of baking soda to a paste, which can be used to brush your teeth as usual.

Green tea may also lend “anti-aging” properties to cosmetics thanks to its ability to scavenge free radicals. Fighting free radicals from within the body seems to be an effective way to slow down the ageing process, and now people are applying antioxidants to the skin in the hope of achieving the same effects.

Refreshing facemask

This gentle facemask helps to remove toxins. Mix 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise with one heaped teaspoon of organic Himalayan Green tea, apply evenly to the face, avoiding the eye area and leave for twenty minutes. Rinse and dry, follow with a light moisturiser.

In addition to these uses polishing our surfaces, green tea also works to beautify us from within.

Antioxidant benefits

Green teas are a natural source of antioxidants, which help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals, the harmful molecules that occur in the body. Excess amounts of free radicals can be caused by smoking, excessive sunlight exposure, pollution etc and have been associated with an increased risk of major diseases and accelerated aging.

Green tea contains powerful antioxidising agents such as vitamin E and vitamin C restrain the ageing process and are found in green tea. And, more importantly polyphenols are prevalent, in particular the catechin epigollocatechin gallate, a most potent antioxidant that is believed to be responsible for most of green tea’s role in promoting good health, adding to the strong weight of evidence that suggests green tea makes you look younger.

Aids Weightloss

In fact British Supermodel, Sophie Dahl’s dramtic weightloss, which caused quite a stir recently, has been attributed, in part, to her drinking regular cups of green tea, which is thought to help speed up the metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels.

Sophie followed BodyDoctor David Marshall’s nutritional advice, which advocates drinking as much toxin-flushing green tea as possible.

There is increasing scientific research to support green tea’s role in weight loss. Preliminary research published by Dulloo A, et al (1999) in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that an extract found in green tea may help with weight loss by raising metabolic rates and speeding up fat oxidation.

Green Tea is also thought to increase energy expenditure, by inhibiting the digestion of fat in the intestine.

So it would appear that green tea provides us with the most natural makeover available. When drunk it boosts health, slows ageing and helps us to slim; when applied to the skin it sooths, buffs and cleanses and it can even make us smell nice. So why not incorporate some Himalayan Green Tea into your beauty routine today?

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