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Two Wins for Hilton at Catey Awards

Hilton International has won two awards at the hospitality industry’s equivalent of
the Oscars, the Caterer & Hotelkeeper Awards, otherwise known as The Cateys. Hilton
won the Education and Training Award for Hilton University and the Best Group
Marketing Campaign Award for Hilton Family Breaks.Collecting the Catey for Education and Training, John Guthrie, Head of International
Management Development for Hilton Group, said: ‘This award is a testament to
Hilton’s commitment to ongoing talent development at all levels. With over 55,000
e-learning courses completed so far, the Hilton University - accessible to all
Hilton team members worldwide, wherever they are, whenever they want - has been
proven to provide the means and opportunity to support life-long learning in a
contemporary and individually suitable way.’

The award for Hilton Family Breaks was collected by Hugh Taylor, Vice President of
Marketing at the time Family Breaks were introduced and recently appointed Vice
President, Southern Region, Hilton UK & Ireland, who commented: ‘Hilton Family
Breaks was the first package to truly recognise the needs of families with children
of all ages. Together with such brands as Hamleys and SafeHands, Family Breaks
provides the family with a safe, relaxing and enjoyable short break experience.
Hilton is proud that the innovation of the product has been recognised by this

Wolfgang M. Neumann, Area President, Hilton UK & Ireland, said: ‘It is almost
unheard of for any brand to win two awards at the Cateys, and I am delighted that
juries of our peers felt that our commitment to innovation and fresh thinking was
deserving of these accolades. The Hilton University award is also very much a
tribute to the dedication to talent development of the late CEO of Hilton
International, Anthony Harris, who instigated the project back in 2002’.