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Body Beautiful…The Perfect Girls’ Day Out

Body Beautiful - a two day experience created especially for The Discerning Cosmetic Shopper - is set to change the face of beauty events in the UK, as the first impartial, high quality and informative consumer show.  Designed to demystify the world of both surgical and non-surgical treatments and endorsed by the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons (BACS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Body Beautiful aims to appeal to an elite and qualified audience of curious, image conscious women and is a refreshing change from the approach of other mass-market consumer events.  Set to take place on 25th / 26th September at the prestigious CafĂ© Royal in London’s Piccadilly, Body Beautiful aims to educate and enlighten on all aspects of cosmetic treatments, providing the latest information on beauty solutions from the everyday (anti-wrinkle creams) to the more dramatic (surgery) and everything in between. 

It’s the perfect girls’ day out - enjoy a glass of champagne and marvel all the latest products and treatments that will keep your body beautiful.  This action-packed event will leave you spoilt for choice. Discover how you might look in 10 or 20 years time and how cosmetic treatments could help you turn back the clock at the 3D facial modelling centre. 

You will also have the opportunity to find out what you’ve always wanted to know about cosmetic surgery, attend as many presentations as your parking ticket (and attention span) allows, observe first hand, reputable aestheticians administering botox and other anti-ageing preparations, reserve your place at the hair and make-up show and converse with hand picked, regulated exhibitors who will be presenting the most up-to-date and innovative beauty products to hit the UK. 

The show is a luxurious, live and interactive two-day experience which will be long remembered and much celebrated by sophisticated consumers looking for more information and the chance to ‘get to know’ leading authorities in the beauty arena. 

Body Beautiful is also supported by the UK’s largest independent cosmetic treatment website, The Consulting Room? - another partnership which is helping to ensure that the show (and its features) is as legitimate as it is informative and inspiring. 


The beauty event of the year, Body Beautiful aims to set a precedent for future ‘quality’ shows appealing to the discerning beauty shopper, and should not be missed! Tickets are priced at £25 each. £1 per ticket will be donated to breast cancer research.  For further information or to book a ticket, call 020 8971 8281 or go to