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Abacus Launches Massive E-Ticketing Effort

Abacus International today received International Air Transport Association (IATA) approval to activate 32 electronic ticketing services to 15 carriers across nine regional markets.Ê The e-ticket activation is one of the largest activations of its kind and will impact approximately 180,000 paper tickets that are generated per year on these 32 activations. Abacus’ efforts are in line with IATA’s goal of converting all member airlines to electronic ticketing by 2007.Ê

Electronic ticketing promises substantial cost benefits for both airlines and travel agencies. E-tickets save approximately SG$13.00 per ticket issued, and according to IATA’s projections, electronic ticketing can save the airline industry as much as US$3 billion per year.

“This is only Phase One of Abacus’ efforts of establishing electronic payment facilities for our partner carriers and agency subscribers,” said Mr Rogelio Sarreal, Vice President and Head of Associate Sales, Abacus International. “By the end of Phase Two, which begins in July, we hope to ensure that every Abacus-connected agency will be able to sell e-tickets on practically any segment to its customers.”

As of today, Abacus-connected travel agents in nine Asian markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, will be able to sell e-tickets to their customers for travel on a range of regional and international carriers.

“We have implemented e-ticketing services in some of our segments and we have already seen the benefits this service provides. We are working inline with IATA’s decision to be fully e-ticket operational by 2007 and look forward to working with GDSs such as Abacus to reach out to all travel agencies in the region,” said Albert Liao, Head of Information Management from EVA Airways.


According to Mr Liao electronic ticketing is one of the most economical and efficient solutions that have been developed for the travel industry in recent times. For every e-ticket issued, EVA Airways saves almost 90 per cent of what they used to pay for paper tickets.

Travel agents have also welcomed this move. “This is a major step forward in our vision of a paperless future,” said Ms. Rose P. Naguit , President and General Manager, Las Palmas Tours and Travel Agency, Inc. “Already, customers across Asia are demonstrating a clear preference for the convenience of e-tickets. This initiative by Abacus and its partner airlines will enable travel agents to better serve their customers and generate huge cost savings for the industry as a whole.”