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CTO assist more Caribbean nationals to persue a career in tourism

The CTO Foundation, the scholarship programme of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), continues its contribution to the education of Caribbean nationals pursuing tourism/hospitality studies.
In 2004, the Foundation provided support to 16 people to study various programmes related to the tourism/hospitality sector, to the tune of approximately US$60,000.

Scholarships ranging from US$5,000 to US$12,000, plus airline tickets from American Airlines for those studying in the UK and US, were awarded to Kerry-Ann Webber and Juliane Rigg of Jamaica; Makeda Alleyne and John Hazzard of Barbados and Michelle Allen-McLeod and Melanie Richards of Trinidad and Tobago. Ms. Webber was awarded the prestigious Michael Manley scholarship.

All six winners are studying at the Masters level in various tourism-related disciplines - Ms. Webber and Ms. Rigg in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica; Ms. Alleyne in Leisure Events and Facilities Management at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK; Mr. Hazzard in Business Administration in Hospitality Administration at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, USA; Mrs. Allen-McLeod in Tourism Development at the University of Surrey in the UK; Ms. Richards in International Tourism Management at the Institute of Business, University of the West Indies.

The CTO Foundation also provided 10 study grants to persons pursuing different levels of certification in tourism/hospitality.