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Air Canada Responds to Westjet Counter-Claim

Air Canada issued the following
statement in response to WestJet’s announcement that it would seek leave to
launch a counter-claim against Air Canada:There is no basis to WestJet’s allegations and Air Canada will vigorously
contest the counter-claim in Court.
  This is a diversionary tactic by WestJet to draw attention away from
evidence filed in Court by Air Canada on June 28 including the cross
examination of one of WestJet’s senior vice presidents, that WestJet
surreptitiously and continuously for a ten month period, logged into an Air
Canada confidential website using automated technology.
  Air Canada’s motion for interim relief resulting from the
misappropriation and misuse by WestJet of confidential information about Air
Canada’s passenger loads, routes, and business operations will be heard in
Toronto on July 8, 2004. Air Canada intends to continue to vigorously pursue
its claim for damages.