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Verizon Airfone Now Offers Inflight Collect Calling

Continuing to keep customers as
connected in the air as they are on the ground, Verizon Airfone today
announced an inflight collect calling service, 1-800-USE THE VZ, to
passengers on U.S. commercial flights. This announcement follows the
recent addition of Airfone Service for Verizon Wireless, which lets
Verizon Wireless subscribers forward their cellular calls directly to the
Airfone(R) handset.

With 1-800-USE THE VZ, passengers can make inflight calls without using a
credit card, choosing the billing method that meets their needs, whether
it’s third-party billing, person-to-person or collect.

Making an inflight collect call is as simple as making one from a home,
dorm room, hotel or payphone. Passengers just dial *800 from the Verizon
Airfone handset to connect to the service. “Payment options that don’t
require a credit card make it easier for leisure travelers and
unaccompanied children to stay connected to family or friends,” said Bill
Pallone, president, Verizon Airfone.

Passengers will find 1-800-USE THE VZ service on board any of the more
than 1,500 planes served by Verizon Airfone nationwide. This includes
Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways