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Worldspan Offers Agencies Access to Delta Web Fares

Worldspan’s online agencies in North America will join traditional
agencies in full access of Delta Air Lines’ comprehensive fare data
effective July 1, 2004, including publicly available fares and Web fares
primarily available at
, Delta’s Online Agency Service Center and
third-party Web sites.Online travel agencies in North America powered by the Worldspan global
distribution system (GDS) can now offer their customers Delta Air Lines’
full fare content, including Web fares, a benefit Worldspan’s traditional
travel agencies already enjoy.

“Worldspan continues to take steps to bring maximum value to all our
agency customers through increased access to comprehensive fare content,”
said Ninan Chacko, senior vice president - e-Commerce and Product Planning
for Worldspan. “We recognize airlines need to reduce distribution costs,
and this agreement accomplishes that for our valued partner Delta Air
Lines, while providing them with broader distribution opportunities
through Worldspan’s industry leading online channel.”

“Through this expanded agreement, we’re able to offer online agencies
supported by Worldspan with the added convenience and flexibility that
comes with broader access to Delta’s published and Web fares,” said Pam
Elledge, director - Business Development and Strategic Planning for Delta.
“This agreement supports a key business objective to reduce distribution
costs while at the same time, builds on our ongoing strategic partnership
with Worldspan.”