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Airline Brings Ethnic World Music To Malaysia

To herald in the 7th Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), Malaysia Airlines as the presenting sponsor has held an exciting preview of the performances that will be showcased at the festival when it opens in Kuching from 09 -11 July.Odissi dance veteran Ramli Ibrahim and local Malay fusion group Mohram, the only two Malaysian acts among a total of 13 from all over the world, gave a dazzling glimpse of what music lovers will be able to enjoy when they perform live with other international musicians at the Rainforest World Music Festival.

This annual musical extravaganza will be held at the Sarawak Cultural Village, and will feature over 100 ethnic musicians from Indonesia, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Baghdad, New Zealand, Brazil, Mali and Zimbabwe, flown in by Malaysia Airlines. Some of the groups to look out for include Black Umfolosi, a Zulu dance group from Zimbabwe, Samba Sunda, an 18-piece Indonesian band, Bamboo and Silk, a Japanese group that will be performing with Ramli Ibrahim, and our very own Mohram. This exciting line-up of performers, which change every year, will participate in a 3-day celebration of culture and music, culminating in an exchange of creative energy through the unlikeliest of musical combinations with startlingly magical results.

Activities at the festival will also include interactive workshops, ethno-musical lectures by key speakers from University of Auckland, New Zealand, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, University of Hawaii and Ohio University, USA, jamming sessions and mini concerts followed by raucous evening performances, all set within lush natural rainforests. The festival, held for the seventh consecutive year, has been very popular among foreign music enthusiasts and is a major tourist attraction for Sarawak.

In announcing the sponsorship, En. Yazid Mohamed, Malaysia Airlines’ Assistant Manager of Advertising, Promotions & Branding said, “Our role as a international leading airline is all about bringing people together, and this is the very same objective shared by the Rainforest World Music Festival. Our pledge to promote the arts and culture spans the whole spectrum of creative pursuits and in sponsoring this Festival, we are given the opportunity to take our support of the performing arts beyond the mainstream pop variety, as we have done with Saturday Night Fever and Fame - The Musical. From disco lights in theatres, we now bring you music and moonlight in the jungle. This move is also in line with our business objectives of making Kuching a business and tourist hub, as we forge a closer and more mutually beneficial relationship with the Sarawak Tourism Board”.

En. Mohd Tuah Jais, Chairman of the RWMF Organising committee said at the preview, “What this event endeavours to do is to bring together diverse people to make and enjoy diverse music. With Malaysia Airlines as our sponsor, we are able to do this better. And besides, it is an honour for us to be affiliated with a corporate citizen that has an interest in supporting the performing arts as part of their business strategy.”


The sponsorship of the Rainforest World Music Festival is also part of Malaysia Airlines’ ‘Going Beyond Expectations’ campaign to demonstrate the national carrier’s commitment towards seeking new avenues to deliver the brand experience in fresh and exciting ways.

The worldwide campaign, ‘Going Beyond Expectations’, was launched in early October 2002 and is the largest campaign Malaysia Airlines has run in the last six years. The campaign is currently running in key markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States. ‘Going Beyond Expectations’ is designed to build a credible and sustainable global image for Malaysia Airlines, showcasing the airline’s capability as a quality global carrier. Besides The Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia Airlines has previously sponsored the world’s longest running musical, CATS, as well as FAME - The Musical, Riverdance and most recently Saturday Night Fever in Malaysia.