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Hyatt Hotels Extends Contract with Core Communications

Hyatt Hotels Corporation
has extended its multi-year relationship with Core Communications Corporation. Hyatt named Core as a network services provider for Hyatt Hotel’s meeting facilities. “Like any hotel group, Hyatt Hotels is continually reassessing its vendor relationships to assure our guests and corporate clients get the best possible service,” said Robert Bansfield, assistant vice president of management information systems of Hyatt Hotels. “Core Communications has demonstrated its ability to meet the most challenging needs of our convention customers and we are delighted to extend our relationship with Core.”

Since 2000, Core Communications has worked with Hyatt Hotels to develop comprehensive technical specifications for its various meeting facilities. Included in the specs are requirements for T1 Internet access, real IP address space, switched Ethernet equipment, and the latest enterprise technology from Cisco and other leading vendors. In the late 1990s, Core pioneered the concept of comprehensive, local Account Management as applied to group meeting Internet services. Thereafter, Core worked with Hyatt to roll out nationwide scalable network systems with end-to-end management to meet the most demanding conference requirements, including wireless access, virtual private networks, V-LANs, multimedia support, and much more.

“At Core we believe in applying the right technology to meet our clients’ needs,” said David Giannini, chairman and CEO of Core Communications. “In working with Hyatt, we approach enterprise support for meeting services differently from guestroom services, because the networking needs for meetings are vastly different. Conference facilities need to support multiple groups with various kinds of network devices, controlling complex network access, and incorporating end-to-end management. Core specializes in integrating convention facilities with enterprise technology and comprehensive management that can scale to meet these diverse requirements.”

Core first approached Hyatt in 2000 with a proposal to create a series of cost-effective, high-capacity network systems using commercial, off-the-shelf Ethernet solutions to support its meeting facilities. After successfully deploying pilot systems in New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, Core has expanded its relationship with Hyatt Hotels and today manages enterprise solutions in more than 75 percent of Hyatt’s North American convention properties.