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Siemens Debuts HiPath Hospitality Communications Solution

Siemens Information and Communication Networks Inc. has announced the HiPath Hospitality real-time communications solution. The solution provides medium to large hotels sophisticated communications features to help them enhance guest access to services as well as giving them tools to increase efficiency and better manage operations.
The HiPath Hospitality communications solution comprises the Siemens
HiPath 4000 real-time IP system for delivering voice services, a
comprehensive hospitality voice messaging system capable of multiple
languages, an interface to front- and back-office property management
systems (PMSs), and a specialized PC-based HiPath Hospitality Service

With the HiPath 4000 system able to scale up to 100,000 users, the HiPath
Hospitality solution is designed to handle the demands of even the largest
hotels. It also can be networked to support a chain of multisite
properties, across vast distances if needed. And, with its IP convergence
capabilities, the HiPath 4000 system can support circuit-switched
networks, protecting a property’s legacy investments in analog room phones
and other communication devices such as fax machines. At the same time, it
can support an IP-based, packet data network or a mix of both circuit and
packet network environments.

The HiPath Hospitality solution’s voice messaging system allows guests and
staff to have their own secure voice mailboxes. Callers can leave messages
for guests who have reservations but are yet to arrive. Multiparty
conferencing is supported, and several telephone features help to ensure
guest privacy. A range of language modules is available that can offer
guests the ability to interact with the system in their own language. In
fact, the automatic wake up system can be set for customized messages
delivered in up to 12 languages.

To deliver management features, the HiPath Hospitality solution combines
the advanced telephony features of the HiPath 4000 real-time IP system
with an application package that can interface with leading third-party
PMSs. Flexible call routing features such as night service, call pickup,
trunk answer from any station, and auto-attendant allow staff to answer
calls wherever they are, helping to reduce staff requirements and freeing
them to serve guests.

The HiPath Hospitality solution’s HiPath Hospitality Service Center (HHSC)
is a PC-based, client-server application that works like a traditional
switchboard, allowing operators to control call flow easily via a PC
screen. In addition, the HHSC gives users the means to manage call traffic
much like a call center and employs a centralized data store that
synchronizes guest data with other applications.


“More than most industries, hotel management is driven by hospitality and
guest expectations on the one hand and bottom line considerations on the
other,” said Joseph Licata, president of the Enterprise Networks division,
Siemens Information and Communications Inc. “And because the first set of
demands drives costs and the second set drives profits, these demands are
best addressed simultaneously. The HiPath Hospitality solution helps
management satisfy both sides of this equation.”