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Alaska Airlines Implements Orbitz’ Supplier Link Technology

Orbitz, Inc.
announced today that Alaska Airlines, the nation’s
ninth largest carrier, and sister carrier Horizon Air have implemented
Orbitz’ Supplier Link technology, which will reduce the airlines’
distribution costs.Supplier Link is a sophisticated network of connections that establishes
direct links with an airline’s internal reservation system in order to
store passenger records, manage information and book tickets. With
Supplier Link, Orbitz can book tickets directly with Alaska Airlines or
Horizon Air, bypassing traditional Global Distribution Systems.

“An increasing number of airlines are recognizing the cost-saving benefits
of Orbitz’ Supplier Link technology as they look for ways to better manage
their business,” said Leon Chism, chief internet architect at Orbitz. “The
decision by Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air to implement Supplier Link
further validates the value that Orbitz’ technology extends to airlines of
all sizes.”

“Adding Supplier Link will allow us to further reduce our distribution
costs, which we can pass on to our customers in the form of consistently
low fares,” said Steve Jarvis, Alaska Airlines staff vice president of
e-commerce and distribution. “This falls in line with our commitment to
take advantage of emerging technology to minimize costs.”

American Airlines, America West Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest
Airlines and US Airways have all implemented Supplier link, introduced in
August 2002.