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Pan Am’s Fort Lauderdale - St. Kitts non-stop service interrupted

As part of the efforts to secure increased jet lift into St. Kitts, the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) engaged Pan Am Airlines to provide direct air services between Fort Lauderdale and St. Kitts for the period June to November, 2004.

Pan Am’s commitment in the agreement dictated that they secure interline arrangements with other air carriers, to provide seamless transfer and other arrangements at Fort Lauderdale Airport, and to ensure that passenger bookings could be made in the World Span and Amadeus electronic booking systems.

Regretably, Pan Am has been unable to secure these arrangements. As a result, booking access of wholesalers , tour operators, travel agents and consumers has been fettered and passenger interline transfer arrangements at Fort Lauderdale, have not been implemented.

In such circumstances, the Ministry and the SKTA have indicated to Pan Am that the proposed Summer/Fall service would not be feasible for this year, and that arrangements for the future could be discussed.

The Ministry of Tourism and SKTA will now direct their efforts, through South Florida in the American Airlines (AA) service, which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 3 November, 2004. The AA flight will service St. Kitts three times weekly, on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


The flights are listed as AA Flight No.2288 out of Miami and Flight No. 2290 out of St. Kitts, will act as the hub for the air service operations into the Federation from the USA.