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WizCom Introduces New "Hotel Cache" Version 2.0

WizCom International, a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation and a developer of innovative connectivity technologies for the hotel industry, today announced the release of the latest version of its popular Hotel Cache software - Hotel Cache 2.0. The new “circuit breaker” caching capability automatically steps in to handle excessive shopping requests on a hotel’s central reservation system (CRS) during a spike in activity but does not cache while volumes are normal. It also allows hotels to set a wider range of caching parameters by pre-setting a weekly schedule that tells the cache when to become active and which type of caching to use.
Widely considered one of the most effective CRS-buffering technologies in the industry, Hotel Cache intercepts and responds efficiently and quickly to multiple, identical requests for room inventory that are received during a specific time period.

“Since its introduction in November 2003, Hotel Cache has successfully cached more than 65 million transactions for WizCom customers,” said George Roukas, vice president, product development and strategy, Supplier Services for Cendant Travel Distribution Services. Hotel Cache 2.0 introduces new capabilities that were specifically requested by our customers. If the Cache sees a spike in availability requests that could overload a CRS, it automatically swings into action. When shopping activity goes back to normal, it disengages, leaving the CRS to handle the shopping load directly. We continue to look for additional ways to deliver even greater value to our customers to provide them with a competitive advantage in this very aggressive industry. Hotel Cache version 2.0 does just that.”

Hotel Cache 2.0 is available to customers of WizCom’s popular Switch technology, which provides CRSs with “next generation seamless” connectivity to all four global distribution systems (GDS), Worldres and other Internet Distribution Channels. Hotel Cache not only protects a hotel’s CRS, it also provides significantly faster response time for availability requests.

Like the original version, Hotel Cache 2.0 is a turnkey solution for any hotel with a CRS connected to the WizCom Switch. It can be implemented in a matter of days without any modifications to a CRS and requires no additional programming investment on the part of a hotel. The technology cannot cause sell errors or increase shopping error rates, and does not interfere with hotel yields. Hotel Cache’s dynamic caching technology also does not require the creation of a new pool of rate data, as static caching does.