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bmi Selects Sabre Airline’s Fare Management Technology

Selects Fare Management Technology From Sabre Airline Solutions

bmi has signed a deal with Sabre Airline Solutions for its advanced Sabre

AirPrice fares management system, the first member of Star Alliance to do

Currently in use by 17 of the world’s airlines, the new technology will

help bmi improve profitability through tactical and strategic analysis and


management of fares.  It offers powerful data query tools that help pricing

analysts examine relative market data, including competitors’ fare changes,

to make better decisions faster.

“We are very pleased to be implementing the AirPrice system, which will

complement other Sabre Airline Solutions products currently in use, such as

the Sabre AirMax revenue management system,” said Adrian Parkes, bmi

commercial director. “We look forward to reaping the benefits of a fully

automated pricing solution.”


The technology will streamline bmi’s process of tracking daily changes to

industry fares by maintaining all ATPCO published fares in a common

database, enabling the carrier to retrieve both published and unpublished

fares by origin and destination.


The AirPrice system also offers the ability to produce a wide range of

standard or customised reports on a regular or ad hoc basis.  bmi expects a

sustainable revenue improvement with the implementation of this technology



“We have a very strong relationship with bmi that began eight years ago

with their implementation of our AirMax revenue management system,” said

Vinay Dube, vice president, Sabre Airline Solutions, Europe, Middle East

and Africa region. “The AirPrice system will integrate bmi’s pricing and

revenue management systems, allowing the carrier to manage its growing

network, while maximising its revenue across all competitive opportunities.

We have made significant investments, based on EMEA customers such as bmi,

to make sure our technology can provide a tightly integrated solution that

helps drive down costs and drive up revenues.  These investments made over

many years are resulting in smart technology solutions that customers can

access today and providing results today - rather than future timetables

with unproven returns.”