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Plans to spend J$10.6 on Kingston harbour

It has been reported that on Monday, May 10, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and local consultants Smith Warner International will sign a J$10.6 million contract to develop a step-by-step implementation plan towards the rehabilitation of Kingston Harbour. The contract will be signed at the offices of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), in Kingston. This follows a previous two-year rehabilitation initiative, jointly sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GOJ in 1996.

Under the current rehabilitation scheme, an appropriate institutional structure will be recommended for effective management of the harbour remediation plan. The contract calls for preparation of a suitable computer model for monitoring water quality in the harbour and will also provide training for NEPA’s staff in its use. The consultants will also prepare a protocol for communicating water quality information to the Authorities and to the general public.

The plan seeks to develop zoning strategies for sustainable use of the harbour and surrounding waterfront lands and prepare a comprehensive physical development plan, Kingston Harbour 2025. This will include specific methods and procedures designed to mitigate negative impacts from future harbour dredging.