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Award winning film producers touch down on USVI

Award-winning film producers Marc Pingry and Sigal Bujman have touched down on the United States Virgin Islands.  The pair on-island filming for their series, “Fantastic Festivals of the World.” 13 segment series studies festivals and cultures around the world, focusing
on what makes each festival unique, as well as the regions where they take
place.  Pingry and Bujman will provide an in-depth look at U.S. Virgin
Islands culture, taking viewers behind the scenes through interviews and
up-close experiences.

The producers and their crew will explore all three islands - St. Croix,
St. John and St. Thomas - during their 11-day visit.  In addition to filming
on all three islands, Pingry and Bujman will interview several key island
personalities, including Bill Cissell of the National Park Service, chefs
Roselyn & Willow Titley, the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra, St. John’s
Maho Bay founder Stanley Selengut and Stanley Leonard of “Stanley’s

The producers also will film many of the 2004 Virgin Islands
Carnival events, including the Quelbe and Teen Tramp and the Calypso
Competition.  While on St. Croix, the pair will experience the warm waters
of the Caribbean with a kayaking excursion hosted by Virgin Kayaks and a
combination fishing-snorkeling outing with Milemark Sports. 

The variety of activities scheduled during their visit will provide Pingry
and Bujman a glimpse into the culture, beauty, business and people of the
United States Virgin Islands.

Their goal is to capture the feeling of
individual events and the surrounding culture, presenting it in a manner
that can be enjoyed worldwide.  Once filming is complete, the program will
be released for broadcast to ensure the timeliness of the events covered.


The production team will create thirteen 60-minute HDTV programs also
available through Discovery HD Theater, NTSC and PAL worldwide, as well as
broadband web casts.