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ijet Debuts Worldcue World Map Interface

iJET Travel Risk Management
today announced the launch of a new global mapping interface that allows clients to view their global risk exposure in real-time.

iJET’s new geographic information system (GIS) application allows Worldcue®PRO users to navigate the world map and view a summary of:
* The status and location of a company’s travelers and   expatriates,

* Real-time threat assessments; corporate-wide or by business unit,

* Detailed global Travel Intelligence® and

* Travel Alerts potentially affecting a company’s employees.

When there is an event or concern, users can quickly identify the locations of all of their company’s travelers, view their itineraries and profiles, and communicate with the impacted employees in real-time - all without leaving the World Map interface. This sets a new standard of real-time care for international travelers.

“iJET is the technology leader in applying risk management to travel,” said iJET CEO Bruce McIndoe.  “The ability for decision-makers to visually assess their risk exposure - and to communicate with travelers through a graphical interface - goes beyond anything else on the market today, and is a prime example of iJET’s commitment to improving on our award-winning technology.”