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Delta Air Lines CEO Gerald Grinstein Reflects With Shareowners

Delta Air Lines CEO Gerald
Grinstein today reported at the company’s annual shareowners meeting that
“my goal for Delta is to ensure that our company celebrates its 100th
anniversary.” In Grinstein’s first annual meeting as Delta’s CEO he said, “Reaching our
75th anniversary is a gratifying achievement. But, it also brings with it
an inherent obligation to continue the work of the generations before us,
and to preserve this company for ourselves and for generations to come.”

Grinstein added, “At Delta, we know many challenges lie ahead. To succeed,
we must first regain our competitive position in the industry.”

Grinstein stressed that Delta is already focusing on four important areas
supporting that goal:

* The first is to attain a competitive cost structure. “Though our airline
is making good progress in the areas of costs we can control, support from
every part of the company is essential,” said Grinstein. * The company
must address the heavy debt load and the best solution to begin earning
once more. * Delta must determine its roadmap for the future. A thorough
strategic reassessment of every aspect of our company’s operation is
already underway, and results are expected late summer. * Delta’s success
is “hospitality and service from the heart.”

“The crucial component in every goal achieved and every period of
adversity mastered has been the long line of Delta people who, together,
accomplished remarkable things,” said Grinstein. “At the heart of our
customer service effort are over 70,000 people providing Delta-style
service around the world.”