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Hilton Launches New Image Campaign

In a new campaign confirming its status as one of the world’s most recognized hotel brands, Hilton Hotels & Resorts today introduced its latest advertising campaign. The new print image campaign revolves around a familiar phrase that for years has been used by millions of business and leisure travelers around the world: “Take Me To The Hilton(TM).”
On April 20th the new ads, which have been developed in conjunction with Irvine, Calif.-based Foote Cone & Belding, will debut in the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY. Beginning the week of April 26th, the campaign will begin to appear in national business publications. The leisure and resort oriented ads will appear in lifestyle magazines beginning the week of May 30th.

Based on extensive consumer research and customer feedback, the new ads combine fresh imagery with straightforward text, positioning Hilton as the number one solution to some of the most commonly voiced concerns among modern-day travelers.

“Our research showed that consumers wanted to hear about solutions to their travel challenges,” said Robert E. Dirks, senior vice president—brand management & marketing for Hilton. “By reinforcing our personalized service, warm welcome, great technology offerings and comfortable environment, the ads clearly position Hilton as that solution.”

The first of the campaign’s four creative executions focuses on “celebrity treatment” and comfort. It features a refreshed business traveler taking one last glance in the guestroom mirror to ensure he’s at his best before the day begins. The guest’s identity is partially obscured by the overlaying ad copy, which reads, “Take me to the level of care reserved for celebrity, while maintaining my anonymity.”

“Most importantly, research showed that the simple, upfront approach to the ads created an emotional connection with consumers,” said Dirks. “Along with inviting our guests to our hotels, the ads convey that Hilton understands their individual wants and needs and can respond to them.


“Reaction to the creative execution ranked far above the norms for print ads in the areas of likability, impact and persuasion, while reminding people about the broad range of Hilton hotels for every travel occasion, whether for business, convention or leisure travel,” added Dirks. “The fact that consumers who have seen the ads are inspired to book rooms at our hotels proves we have just the right balance of emotional appeal and professional capabilities in the creative.”

Subsequent ads will feature similar “aspirational” travel experiences, while highlighting Hilton weekend and resort offerings, along with the diverse locations of its properties serving as a convenient, comfortable “home base” for all travel needs.

“A major goal behind this campaign is to reinforce what we do every day at Hilton: Help each guest be his or her best, no matter what the travel occasion,” said Dirks. “If you’re traveling on business, we want to help you be at the top of your game. If it’s a vacation, we want it to be the most memorable trip you’ve ever had. If we do that, it stands to reason that more and more people will be saying ‘Take Me To The Hilton.’”