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Frontier Airlines Taps Sabre for New Generation Reservations Suite

Frontier Airlines today announced a multi-year agreement with Sabre Airline Solutions, the industry leader in airline operations technology, for its SabreSonic
passenger solution to power its reservations and check-in capabilities
along with a broad scope of technology for streamlining its operations and
improving revenues.
With SabreSonic, Frontier will have access to real-time passenger data
including the customer’s history with Frontier and any EarlyReturns
frequent flyer activity, current travel plans and any changes made to an
existing reservation. The data can be accessed by Frontier customer
service agents via an open-source, Windows-based interface at all customer
touch points including the website, reservations, the ticket counter and
the gate, providing a seamless customer service experience from the time
the customer books the ticket until they arrive at their final destination.

“Simply put, we chose SabreSonic because we believe it is the best suite
of tools available for creating a streamlined and efficient customer
experience including an improved web-based booking engine,” said Sean
Menke, Frontier’s senior vice president of marketing. “This solution is
the only one available today that offers an open systems platform which
makes it simple for us to train our employees on and to use in our
everyday operations. This is key to our on-going efforts to improve our
customer service while keeping our operational costs low so that we can
continue to offer low fares to our customers.”

“Frontier truly is a new breed of airline that provides great service at
low prices, and customers love its value proposition—the result is one
of the best growth stories in the airline industry,” said Tom Klein,
president of Sabre Airline Solutions. “SabreSonic was built to meet the
needs of our current customer base and be flexible enough to facilitate
new business models. We made the investments that are paying off today, as
opposed to asking our customers to make a leap of faith on long-term
future development. We appreciate Frontier’s vision in selecting
SabreSonic and the 12 other products from the Sabre Airline Solutions
portfolio and are proud to be associated with an emerging leader in the
aviation industry.”

Full implementation of the SabreSonic system is scheduled for completion
in the first half of 2005, which includes four core modules:

* SabreSonic Res, which forms the core selling function and provides
advanced reservations management capabilities that manage every channel of
distribution. SabreSonic Res includes the industry’s leading online
booking engine along with shopping and pricing, ticketing and codeshare
capabilities all managed from a single, easy-to-use graphical user
interface (GUI). * SabreSonic Check-In, which provides Frontier a more
efficient and customer-friendly process for e-ticketing and other
paperless solutions. With e-tickets, passengers can print their boarding
passes from home before they leave for the airport, or choose to check-in
at Frontier’s airport kiosks, at curbside, at the ticket counter or
through a roving agent utilizing a hand-held system for times when
check-in lines are longer. In the event of a delay or cancellation, an
automated system will help get passengers rebooked to their final
destination. This easy-to-use check-in system leverages real-time data at
all customer touch points so the reservations agent, the ticket counter or
the passenger checking in from home all have access to the same
information. * SabreSonic Inventory, which leverages open systems
technology to ensure revenue integrity through real-time application of
inventory controls, while addressing the dramatic growth of flight
availability requests. While this provides airlines a huge advantage in
their inventory management, it also provides travelers with more itinerary
options and the industry’s best real-time availability information. *
SabreSonic Command, which provides Frontier the only Web-based tool
available in the industry that can adapt to evolving industry trends
quickly and easily by managing Frontier’s complete passenger solution
system from one central location.


Frontier also will leverage the benefit of integrating 12 operational
solutions from Sabre Airline Solutions as part of the agreement, including
airport resource management optimization, the Traverse loyalty management
system, marketing analysis tools and consulting services. This integrated
set of tools will enable a seamless flow of information through Frontier’s
entire operations, helping to ensure that on the day of travel the right
people are at the right place at the right time. In addition, if there are
any disruptions, decisions can be made quickly with real-time information,
minimizing any inconvenience to the traveler.