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Spa Finder Presents Visionary Award to Bruce E. Katz, M.D.

Spa Finder Inc., the world’s largest
spa Internet, publishing, gift certificate and marketing company, has
awarded its first Visionary Award to Bruce E. Katz, M.D. Dr. Katz was
honored for his pioneering work in developing the concept of medical spas
and for leading the spa industry to meet consumer demand for medical spa
services. Spa Finder President Susie Ellis presented the award to Dr. Katz
during a ceremony held Sunday evening at the Spa & Resort Expo &
Conference in New York City. The Visionary Award is presented to
individuals who make outstanding contributions to the development of the
spa industry.
“Dr. Katz recognized that when medical treatments are combined with
therapeutic spa services, patients achieve better results and have a more
enjoyable experience,” said Ellis. “His vision has inspired the spa
industry to innovate and grow, making the therapeutic and aesthetic
benefits of the medical spa available to people worldwide.” Ellis added
that Dr. Katz is known for training physicians and supporting the spa
industry by generously sharing his vision and experience.

Dr. Katz is the Director of the Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic at Mount
Sinai Medical Center and the founder of New York-based JUVA Skin & Laser
Center MediSpa(TM), the nation’s first full-service center for both
therapeutic and aesthetic skin care needs. Dr. Katz introduced the term
MediSpa(TM), when at JUVA, he created an elegant environment offering the
latest technical advancements in dermatology combined with luxurious spa
treatments that had medical value, as well as long-lasting aesthetic
benefits. He has since trademarked the popular term.

A frequent television guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, Dr. Katz is a
leading innovator of advanced laser technology and skin rejuvenation
techniques. He has published extensively in leading medical and scientific
journals and lectures regularly at major medical symposia.

According to Spa Finder, the number of medical spas has more than doubled
in the last two years and medical spas are the fastest growing type of spa
in the world. To make information about the benefits of medical spas
easily accessible to consumers, Spa Finder recently launched the only
medical spa portal . Information about Dr.
Katz’s JUVA Skin & Laser Center can be found at the new portal.

“Dr. Katz’s work in bringing medical spas to the forefront is helping
people obtain beneficial treatments that can truly change their lives,”
added Ellis. “This award honors his years of research and commitment to
the industry. We are proud to recognize his contributions.”