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EIBTM Delivers Technology and Travel Trends Report

has established itself at the forefront of technology with several industry ‘firsts’ under its belt.  The Technology & Travel Trends Report, part of the first ever series of 5 Year Trend Reports; EIBTM’s WorldWide Technology Watch (WWTW) 2004, highlighting innovative technology developments in the meetings & incentives industry; and plans for the MPI Technology Village @ EIBTM.

Corbin Ball, President of Corbin Ball Associates and acknowledged international technology expert, said:“Technology is an important focus for EIBTM as it is changing the face of the meetings and incentives industry at a faster pace each year. EIBTM is leading the way by not only publishing useful new research on future technology and travel trends that will impact the meeting and incentive industry, but also by holding WWTW each year and developing the MPI Technology Village @ EIBTM.

Key findings

Pinpointing key future technology and travel trends, EIBTM’s latest Technology & Travel Trends Report predicts how developments in information and communications technology and transport infrastructure will impact the meetings and incentives industry.



Produced by Rob Davidson, EIBTM Industry Analyst, the report foresees the widespread use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology by meeting planners and delegates of business events, for their speed and efficiency as well as their ability to make events more interactive.  Mobile and web service platforms are forecast to help facilitate the planning and implementation of events across different programmes; and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications, embedded in delegates’ badges, are said to bring greater security to business meetings and industry events.  Hypersonic and subsonic aircraft are destined to dramatically change international business travel.



Technology showcase

Now in its fifth year, the EIBTM WorldWide Technology Watch (WWTW) has established itself as a highly successful industry initiative, identifying the latest technology breakthrough products that could most impact the incentive, business travel and meetings industry.


Calling for entries for WWTW 2004, EIBTM will showcase the winning technology product on-site in Barcelona, to underline the benefits that technology can bring to businesses in the industry.  Last year’s winner, nTAG, benefited from exposure in the New York Times after presenting its revolutionary interactive nametag at EIBTM.


The 2004 winning entry will benefit from additional promotion surrounding the event and a free stand at the MPI Technology Village @ EIBTM.  To enter WWTW, a two-page written brief is required by 6th August 2004, which should include details of the technology concept, potential to meet market needs, research back-up, relevance to the meetings & incentives industry, uniqueness and company details. See   / About EIBTM / Features for further details.



MPI Technology Village @ EIBTM

Backed by MPI and the EIBTM Technology Committee for the village (comprising Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball Associates; Didier Scaillet, MPI; Philip Haines; and John Farrer, Event Management Systems), the MPI Technology Village @ EIBTM will help professionals to understand, learn and experience new technology applications in the meetings and incentives industry.


Didier Scaillet, Director for European Operations and Global Development, MPI, said: “It is a unique concept with a lot of potential.  For 2004, MPI will be promoting the village regularly in its European newsletter ‘Meeting Europe’ and its e-newsletter to their members.  It is vital that all suppliers and meeting planners within the meetings and events industry visit this area during EIBTM to keep up-to-date with technology advances within our industry.”


John Farrer, Co-founder of Event Management Systems, added: “It was a good move on EIBTM’s part to create the Technology Village and this year will be even better. We know EIBTM plans to develop the idea of the Technology Village even further and as a company we welcome that and will take part again this year.”