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KDS Finds Lowest Air Fares Confirmed Independent Study

KDS found the most frequent lowest fares in
a study released today and conducted by Topaz International on 30 North
American city pairs comparing KDS against seven websites such as American
Airlines, Expedia, FareChase, Orbitz and SideStep…
KDS proved to be better than other fare engines tested in March by the
Oregon based consulting firm on 19 out of the 60 city pair attempts, or 31.7
percent of the time. Topaz conducted two tests for each route, one looking
at fares a week in advance, the other, a month in advance .

When testing 60 requests out of seven web sites KDS is ahead of all
competitors finding the lowest fares 19 times (31.7 percent of the time).
The second best being SideStep with 18 lowest fares out of 60 or 30.0
percent. In addition, the study found that when KDS was not lower, they were
within $10 of the lowest fare offered on other websites 9 times. Thus KDS
found the lowest fair within $10 of the lowest fare 46% of the time

Looking at competitors that provide a corporate online booking product—
Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz - KDS scored more than three times better.
(See study

“Many corporations today are applying a minimum savings amount in their
travel policy”, said Bradley Seitz Topaz President and CEO. “In the $10
range, KDS finds the lowest fare 46 percent of the time. Thus, KDS is a
valid option for corporations looking for low fares on their business

“Topaz confirms our own benchmark and client findings as well”, said
Jean-François Vergnangeal Senior VP marketing & Strategic Alliances, KDS.
“KDS’s unique fare engine algorithms enable KDS Corporate to display the
lowest available fares at once on the same screen for corporate travelers,
so they can choose among traditional airlines, low cost airlines and trains,
when available.”


Following KDS in this performance category was SideStep with 18 lowest fares
out of 60 or 30.0 percent and FareChase 17 lowest fares out of 60 or 28.3
percent. Apart these sites, Topaz conducted fare comparisons on Delta Air
Lines, Expedia, Orbitz, American Airlines and Travelocity.

To match business travel criteria the study respected the following

á Each route was entered using the city

á Requested departure time of 6:00 am

á Requested return time of 6:00 pm

á Single adult

á Requested non-stop flights

á Coach class

á Time window of +/-2 hours from the requested departure time

á Alternate airports to be considered