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Champneys New Top-to-Toe Spa Day

On arrival to Champneys CityPoint club in Moorgate, you are given your own robe and slippers, for your luxury day and treated to a coffee and an induction on what luxuries
you can expect.
Champey’s CityPoint also have a wonderful relaxation room, with soft lighting
and serene fish tank. Relaxing music and reclining sofa style beds provide the
prefect opportunity to drift into a peaceful nap. Or you can just lie back
and enjoy the calm and serenity of it all!

La Zouche Massage

Your body is covered in warmed La Zouche massage oil’s which re smoother over
the face and body. This relaxing massage helps in increase blood and
lymphatic flow, promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation and can improve muscle
tone and skin texture. The La Zouche massage also draws inspiration form
Oriental techniques of massage for the scalp, neck and shoulders, which can help with
headaches and neck tension

La Zouche Facial

A relaxing facial incorporating a massage to the face, neck and shoulders.
This treatment is designed to relieve stress and tension in the face, scalp and
neck. Using essential aromatherapy oils and plant extracts selected by your
therapist, specifically for you skin’s needs, to clear your skin and enhance
your complexion.

Luxury Manicure

The Champneys Specialised manicure includes treatment to the nails and
cuticles, including nail re-shape, cuticle tidy, nail diagnosis and nourishing
massage to hands and arms followed by the application of nail polish. This
treatment uses heated mittens to firm and nourish.

Luxury Pedicure

The Champneys pedicure treats the nails and cuticles, nourishes the skin of
the feet and lower leg and finishes with the application of a treatment polish.
This treatment uses heated booties to firm and nourish.


The break also includes a lovely healthy lunch served in the Club bar and

CHAMPNEYS LUXURY MERCARINA FACIAL - a cross between a massage and a facial.
Upon arrival the client is asked to get into a robe and pop their feet into a bubbling foot spa while the therapist talks through any concerns they may have about their skin and/or general well being.  This is followed by an amazing foot rub of marine salts, essential oils and olive oil applied to the feet.

The client then gets onto the treatment couch and inhales either eucalyptus or peppermint or whichever essential oil is relevant to their needs. With a few breathing exercises they receive a wonderful deep back and neck massage to relieve tension knots and in doing so relax the facial muscles in preparation for the facial.

Old fashioned hot cotton towel hand mitts are used to warm, cleanse and soften the skin infused with floral/herbal essential oils e.g. geranium/rosemary to soften the water and become a truly aroma experience. After cleansing and toning, instead of a harsh facial scrub, a duo of purifying or revitalising clay masks infused with green and pink Argiletz French clay and essential oils is applied. Whilst this mask is working on the skin, a hot towel mitt is massaged onto the hands and arms followed with a luxurious beeswax butter rich in anti-oxidants is massaged into the hands and arms.

The best part is the heart of the facial - as with all the best facials it is a bespoke massage. Massage oils are made from cold pressed vegetable oils available in Lavender/Rose Damask/Sandalwood & Vetiver/Red Mandarin or Neroli, if necessary these are mixed with base oils. A twenty minute massage with acupressure, deep facial massage and lypmphatic massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp follows with specific work on energy centres on the scalp known as “Marma Points”.

This increases blood circulation, stimulates cellular renewal and simply feels amazing! To cool the skin after the intense infusion of warm towels, massage and aromatherapy, there is a unique ice massage for 30-60 seconds performed over the face and neck upon a medium of cloth gauze dampened with lavender floral toner.

Whilst a soothing and hydrating aloe vera gel covers the neck and face, a creamy peppermint foot butter is massaged into the feet which invigorates the body and starts the re-awakening process!

In conclusion an abdomen massage with yoga style breathing is given to the client to aid digestion and healing work upon the solar plexus.  A suitable moisturiser, eye-cream and lip balm is applied and then for the fun bit - a personal reading using Angel/Fairy and Magical Mermaid and dolphin cards - these are not tarot cards but instead offer positive, up beat messages.