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Galileo Announces New Fare Agreement with Qantas

Galileo International has announced that it has signed a three-year agreement with Qantas
, ensuring that its participating travel agent subscribers in Australia book the broadest possible range of Qantas fares including Red e-Deals directly through the Galileo system.

This new agreement with Qantas offers those Galileo travel agencies in Australia that choose to opt-in to the full content program, complete access to the same Qantas public fares, including Red e-Deals, at the same price as sold on This means Galileo is the first GDS in Australia to offer access to full Qantas inventory as well as access to Jetstar and Virgin Blue, which underscores Galileo’s market-leading position and offers agents the most comprehensive content in the marketplace. 

The deal is part of Galileo’s ongoing strategy to create a sustainable distribution model that benefits airlines, the travel trade and GDS suppliers.

“GDS’s are a key and efficient element in airlines’ distribution strategy, but Galileo has recognized the need to redefine the current model to make GDS distribution more cost-effective for airlines and travel agencies over the long-term,” commented Ken Esterow, executive vice president, Supplier Services, Cendant Travel Distribution Services.  “Our innovative opt-in scheme is the first in the Asia Pacific region which genuinely seeks to change the business model while securing what our travel agency customers require most   - access to the same full content that is available when a customer contacts the airline directly or via the Web. We’re especially pleased to be the first GDS to sign an agreement with Qantas.”



Galileo’s agreement with Qantas is consistent with Galileo’s commitment to providing the widest access and distribution for the greatest value.