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Galileo Selects BT Contact Central Ondemand

BT and Siebel Systems, Inc. have announced that Galileo
has selected Contact Central OnDemand, BT’s hosted CRM service, which is based on Siebel CRM OnDemand. Galileo will use the new Web-based, fixed-price service for more than 300 users in ten countries across Europe, Asia, and Australasia to transform sales, marketing, and service effectiveness, as well as to increase revenues and profitability.
Galileo anticipates that the service will increase its prospect conversion
by up to 20 percent in 12 months through more effective utilization of its
annual marketing budget.

“BT Contact Central OnDemand provides Galileo with an online,
cost-effective gateway to greater customer intimacy,” says Elizabeth
Harraway, Vice President, Marketing EMEA, Asia & Australasia. “We wanted
an enterprise-level CRM solution without the up-front investment, one that
could be deployed quickly and cost-effectively among our teams across the
region. The Siebel and BT ‘pay-as-you-go’ model will provide flexibility
as we automate our sales, service, and marketing processes, empowering
Galileo staff worldwide to concentrate on their key responsibility*our
customers. It will allow us to focus on generating more sales leads and
improving lead qualification and management. It will also enhance sales
forecasting, shorten sales cycles, and*most importantly*deliver more
rewarding customer service.”

Galileo provides up to 43,000 travel agency customers worldwide with
inventory, schedule, and pricing information on 480 airlines, 26 car
rental companies, 56,000 hotel properties, 430 tour operators, and all
major cruise lines. Until now, the company has relied on multiple separate
systems to manage relationships with these customers and suppliers. Its sales, marketing, and service processes were based on multiple disparate
systems and, as a result, customer information was often difficult to
manage and locate.

BT Contact Central OnDemand, which is based on Siebel CRM OnDemand, will
be used by more than 300 Galileo sales, marketing, and service
professionals in ten countries across Europe, Asia, and Australasia to
effectively manage every stage of the sales cycle, from contact and
opportunity management to sales forecasting and ongoing account
management. Users will leverage the best-practice analytics capabilities
built into Siebel’s hosted solution to analyze customer information,
effectively allocate resources, increase sales efficiency, and,
consequently, maximize revenues.

Not only will Galileo experience improved sales coordination, but the
company will also benefit from the ability to provide a more rewarding
customer service experience. Companywide access to up-to-the-minute,
detailed customer information will enable Galileo to respond more quickly
and effectively to sales inquiries. Furthermore, the product’s embedded
marketing functionality will provide Galileo with intuitive customer
insight that can be leveraged to develop, execute, and analyze the results
of accurately targeted marketing campaigns, delivered through the
customer’s preferred channel of communication.


Galileo anticipates that the flexible and cost-effective Siebel and BT
service will enable the company to increase the amount of time its sales
teams devote to customers by 25 percent within 12 months. The company
believes that by the end of 2004, it will have complete and accurate sales
data allowing the company to share sales opportunities cross-border and
with other Cendant-owned brands. Improved sales lead prioritization and
follow-up should also deliver up to a 20 percent increase in overall
prospect conversion by mid-2004. Finally, the ability to more accurately
measure marketing campaigns will allow for better targeting of these
campaigns, both in terms of content and channel, in line with what the
customer actually wants. This improved targeting will subsequently deliver
a significant increase in return on investment on marketing spend by the
end of 2004.