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Bitter End realises potential of Kiteboarding

Bitter End Yacht Club, the resort leader in watersports, is expanding its world-class lineup of classes and offerings with the introduction of kiteboarding. Carib Kiteboarding, a Professional Air Sports Association kiteboarding center, is launching a comprehensive activity centre at Bitter End where resort guests and day visitors can take kiteboarding lessons, tours and day packages for all skill levels - beginner through advanced riders.  Bitter End guests can learn from the best, including two professional kiteboarders, Hamish MacDonald, Xrated Team Rider, and Justin Souter, Slingshot Kiteboarding Team Rider.

“By teaming with Carib Kiteboarding’s certified instructors and learning center, Bitter End offers guests an amazing opportunity to try this exhilarating new sport,” said Gordo Overing, watersports director for Bitter End. “And because of Bitter End’s secluded location, steady trade winds, crystal clear water and year-round warm weather, it’s one of the best environments in the world for kiteboarding.”

Kiteboarding is gaining popularity among watersports enthusiasts because it’s easy to pick up and go - strong winds, as with windsurfing, or large waves, as with regular surfing, are not required.  John Kerry, Democratic presidential candidate, Richard Branson, president of Virgin Records, and Grammy-award winner Peter Gabriel are among the celebrities who’ve been spotted getting major airtime with their kites.

The basics of kiteboarding are simple. With a huge kite, similar to a parachute that ranges anywhere from five meters to 15 meters long and a board that resembles a thinner, shorter surfboard, kiteboarders glide across the surface of the water, and with only a few twists and turns, can launch themselves up to 30 or 40 feet in the air.

Kiteboarders are attached to the kite by a waist harness, and their feet are buckled onto the board. Riders maneuver themselves by controlling a two-foot-long bar that controls the direction of the kite flying more than 90 feet above.


Carib Kiteboarding at Bitter End stocks a complete line of kiteboarding equipment and accessories for rent or sale. All lessons include use of gear and range from US$150 for the basic class to US$2,200 for an all-inclusive Learn-to-Kiteboard Adventure that includes a complete set of gear to take home.

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