Breaking Travel News Name Goes Global

The distance some people will travel to secure the cheapest flights on Europe’s top Low cost airlines has been revealed
, the website with the highest number of low fares in Europe today, and with world-wide results.
Openjet has been tracking which countries they’ve been receiving bookings from, showing that Openjet’s global popularity has reached Hong Kong, United States, Brazil, India, Poland, Argentina and even New Zealand.

Openjet’s Managing Director, Pat O’Shea said: “We were staggered but delighted to see just how far Openjet’s name has traveled. It proves that no matter what language you speak or currency traded that everyone can spot a good deal when then see one!

“Although we have no plans to start selling flights between Australia and Qatar, it’s still good to know that our innovative approach to low prices hit the right international note!”

Top 20 furthest and unusual destinations on-line bookings which have been received by Openjet.

1. Hong Kong 2. United States 3. Brazil 4. India 5. Thailand 6. New Zealand 7. Mexico 8. Iceland 9. South Africa 10. Japan 11. Argentina 12. Singapore 13. Ecuador 14. Qatar 15. South Korea 16. Saudi Arabia 17. Canada 18. Poland 19. Sri Lanka 20. Taiwan


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